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Live Storm Chasing

Live Storm Chasing

Say hello to a new live chase video operation known as ChaserTV.com.

ChaserTV was created by Scott Bennett and Steve Miller. Ben Holcomb is helping them setup SpotterNetwork integration. ChaserTV was created to add a new dynamic to live content via ease of use for the chaser and increased retention of, and viewability for, the end user.

Along the way they added in some perks for content providers including the ability to easily embed video on personal websites as well as protect agreements with media. The most popular feature though is auto restart of the live stream for the client and viewer should connection be lost for a moment or complete reconnect of data be necessary. That said, ChaserTV maintains some of the most advanced technology available using "cloud computing" to distribute the load across multiple servers. A separate server delivers live "ChaserTV logo-free" content to media but only after authorized by the chaser (the chaser controls all sales of his/her content). Theft of video should be a thing of the past, even video encryption is coming soon.

ChaserTV is planning to launch for content providers in mid February and encourage those interested in getting involved to submit their e-mail at the ChaserTV website and join their Facebook Fan page to get updates on their progress.

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions:

As a content provider to ChaserTV, you get:ChaserTV

     • No hassle set-up of your account and streaming content
     • One media account without the ChaserTV "Not For Broadcast" overlay for media use only, residing on a separate server for protection
     • One username and password to remember, site-wide!
     • One year free subscription to ChaserTV Contact Protect
          + Media inquiries will flow through an automated answering service and all calls are recorded for agreement protection
          + Media calls a TOLL FREE number then enters your extension which is forwarded to any personal phone number you choose
          + Weather related interests and govt agencies may also contact you through this method
     • Advertising on your stream for content you have for sale at ChaserSupply.com if you are a seller there
     • An embedded video player for your personal website with your video shipped right to it
     • Secure content encoding, making it much more difficult for your stream to get hijacked at any point from origination to output
     • Profile page with bio, picture and contact information
     • Ability to send voice audio along with your content
     • Access to the ChaserTV knowledge-base where you will find information regarding video sales, other chaser\'s pricing structures, etc
     • ChaserTV window sticker and enrollment into the ChaserTV Tornado Count Contest
     • Invitation to upload "canned" video to ChaserTV for added exposure
     • Optional enrollment into the ChaserTV affiliate program for earning "cash for clicks"
     • ChaserTV logo on your stream that states "no unauthorized use" in the upper right hand corner for your protection in ALL streams except "media stream"

The viewing experience:

     • Users of ChaserTV.com view your content through streamlined media players displayed within one of the most aesthetically pleasing websites in the live content realm
     • Users view your video with an ad that covers 1/5 of the video. This ad will link to items found at ChaserSupply.com and other ChaserTV partners 
          +  For a small annual fee, viewers may opt out of the "sponsored" video as a site member
          +  Under this program the viewer will only see your video with the ChaserTV "Not For Rebroadcast" logo
     • Users may communicate with others watching the streams in a customized chat program
     • Weather related interests and agencies may create ad-free accounts for viewing live content
     • Their Membership Model allows them to provide chasers with a very high level of technology, while the viewing members help pay for the actual cost of your stream

What ChaserTV.com is not:

     • ChaserTV does not broker video although they give the tools necessary for content providers to sell to media
     • ChaserTV does not require you to pay a monthly fee to stream your video; They do ask you to subscribe to the ChaserTV website as Member ($40/yr)
     • They do not require a contract, content providers may come and go as they please
     • All of your content, both live and "canned" is your property
     • ChaserTV requires the right to use submitted content on ChaserTV.com however this license is revocable at any time by you by cancellation of your account
     • They are not tower hogs - meaning their content requires less bandwidth thus not tying up cell towers and also preserving the limits on some air cards

More information is located at www.ChaserTV.com along with a sample of how the system will work for the content provider (community support for set-up located in the SpotterChat.com Lobby). They are announcing new features and launch updates on the website regularly, so visit them often! Don\'t forget to submit your email for updates and drop by our Facebook page which is linked from there as well. Media chase teams and tour group owners can contact steve [at] ChaserTV.com for package details.
We are looking forward to a productive 2010 season and beyond!

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